Hi Doc!

How are you? I sent you a picture of Aubrey , six months after she had her rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal. She get lots of compliments. We would like to thank you and your wife and the staff for making Aubrey comfortable during her surgery. You made her prettier and confident! Her nose looks so natural and I cant hardly see the scar anymore. You are right, it will definitely fade. My daughter is not that shy anymore. Even her voice and she talk to people, I could feel that she is so confident. You really help her a lot doc.


A.R. Goretext Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty with Cartilage Graft, Alar Plasty, Nasal Reshaping

Thank you and your staff very much I love my new nose and chin. You have done a wonderful job! 🙂 Im so happy with my new nose and chin. Im getting use to it as weeks pass by. I do get a lot of good compliments with friends and workmates. Im glad that I decided to have my surgery with doc! I was tempted to have it with another group in Thailand coz its a lot cheaper. But I feel that there must be something behind the price. I don’t want to take chances mate.

You have been very helpful mate. Also give my regards to your staff. Thank you for letting them visit me after my surgery. They do help me allot in cleaning my nose. Its a big thing for me because Im all alone. Thank a lot doc 🙂

Take care

J.C. Humpectomy, Infracture Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty with Septal Extender Graft, Chin Augmentation with Extended Implant

Hello Dr. Lorenzo,

My apologies for my late email. When I got back to the states, I was in extreme pain in my left neck and shoulders and have to recuperate. I am still in the recovery phase at this time and a physical therapy was arranged. Thankfully, my rhinoplasty was not affected by the pain and I am happily recovering in everything.

My colleagues at work can’t be fooled with nose jobs. It is quite hard to be discreet from OR nurses when something is done in any part of your body. However, they are unanimous in saying that it suits me well and very natural. Some are planning to have theirs done as well and guess who I recommend? You. So watch out for inquiries.

Thank you for doing a great job in my procedure and what a rare instance to have met you and experience your skills first hand. You already know what I fear about – blood, needles, wound, scars, and all the thoughts that come with it. And you have always been considerate. I told them all about you. I hope that is alright.

Please let me know if you plan to pass by Houston and if you have a decent time to spend in this bustling city. I can definitely show you around.

J.R.L. Goretext Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty with Cartilage Graft, Alar Plasty

Hi Dr Rino,

Three months after op, thanks. My swelling had gone down a lot. I so thankful doc. My face looks so natural and you are right. I have a relaxed and refresh looks. Im so grateful to you doc, you help me regain my self confidence, which I need after a bad divorce. This really help me start and I feel so complete now.

I have to say, you help me start my life again. You and your staff had been very helpful. You are able to step up you service beyond what I do expect. I do feel your team’s care and comfort specially when Im recovering….I am so pleased.

My daughter ask me to say, thank you to your staff. They have been so kind and helpful. Thank you for helping us buy the food that we like to eat…. I know they don’t have to do that, I hope they like our gifts.

Take care and continue to great work!


P.S.L. MACS Lift, Fat Graft Lower Eye Lids and Nasolabial Lines

Hello Dr. Rino

I just want to let you know that my recovery is going well. I just arrived Canada 3 days ago. I really love the result of the rhinoplasty. I have much higher confidence and it is all thanks to you. I cannot thank you enough.

I cant help it, people are asking me what did I do, there is something new with my face. I eventually told them I had my nose done. You are right, no one was able to immediately guest that I have a nose surgery. I guest that is because it suite my face well. I so happy with my result.

Thank you and happy new year to you, your family and everyone at your clinic

Kindest regards,

M.K. Goretext Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty with Cartilage Graft, Alar Plasty

Dear Dr. Rino,

Trust all is well,

I knew from the beginning that you were the right doctor for me. I deeply ask God’s guidance for this and he even gave me sign. God is Good!

Doc Rino is such a great doctor! he genuinely cares, he is professional, he makes you feel very comfortable and is easy to talk to. He would really spent a lot of time explaining procedures, my entire time with him was enjoyable and the results of my rhinoplasty are more than I could have hoped for, now my nose is 3 months and a half post op!

Thank you for giving me the self-confidence and self-esteem that I was lacking for so many years. Words are never enough to express how grateful am I for the amazing job he performed to my nose.

May grace and blessings be in your path Doc!

God Bless you more and more…

Thank you so much!!!

Warm Regards,

C.C. Goretext Rhinoplasty, Tip plasty with Cartilage Graft, Alar Plasty with Alar Reduction, Dubai, July 2016

Hi Doc,

How is everything?

Doc I just want to share you my experience the moment I reported to work, almost 60% of of my coworker didn’t recognize me, hahaha!!!!. Un iba ilang beses ako nakasalubong and they are ignoring me they thought I was somebody else, hehehe, the result is very natural hindi sya fake and artificial looking that will catch unnecessary attention. they just knew it was me when they heard me talk and I can’t imagine the reaction of their faces. Sabi ng iba I look like younger and my face become thin, very overwhelming lahat ng comments nila lalong nakakainspire.

I just wanted you to know that I am so happy with my nose and my new look. Everyone here could not tell what changes I made. All the comments are very overwhelming especially when they told me that I look 10 years younger now. So I thank you a lot Doc for giving me this new look and giving me back my confidence.

J.A. Goretext Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty with Cartilage Graft, Alar Recontouring, Saudi Arabia, May 2016

Dear Dr. Rino,

First, I have to thank you Doc Rino, you are a remarkable plastic surgeon! I am very pleased and greatful.

The outcome is really good, I am 18days post op, and though a bit of swelling is still there, I can already see a big change on my nose! My husband likes it very much as well!

Ever since the beginning I sent an email, the reply was immediate and detailed, you were understanding of my concern, gave me honest opinion and appointment was fast to arrange.

You are very friendly and made me feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after operation.

The clinic is great, very clean. Nurse and ma’am Bugs are very kind and helpful!

I’ll strongly recommend you without hesitation! I wish you and the entire team all the best!

Thank you so much! God bless and take care!

Warm regards,

M.R. Reconstructive Rhinoplasty, Cartilagr Graft and Alar Plasty, Dubai, May 2016

Dear Dr Rino,

We are very thankful for your service and I could´t be happier for my husband and daughter for their fantastic new looks. I have acknowledge your skills and could not ask for a better surgeon.

My daughter is enjoying her new looks. Her friends are so amaze of the transformation she had. It so natural and you are right. People will notice that there is something but cant say what it is.

For my husband, he is continuously recovering as you explained. But I just want to thank you. The result at his face lift was to nice. As you explained to us, his face is looks so refresh and relaxed. We are so scared before because some people say that my husband’s face will change and he will like a different person. Thank you for extensively explaining it to us. You are right, my husband looks great a better and younger him. Though he do looks younger than me now, I do plan to go back and have some treatment as well.


We are all very grateful and recommended you to all our friends and family, and will see you in 2 years.

J.L. Cartilage Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty and P.L. Iceland, June 2016

Dr Rino is very patient and service oriented. I’m from overseas and found Dr. Lorenzo over the internet. I interviewed two U.S. cosmetic surgeons prior to visiting the Philippines for my face surgery and needed some works done because personal reasons. Dr. Lorenzo and his staff were excellent. The doctor take time to explain everything and my consultation was relaxing as Dr Rino make sure that I understand what he said. But to be honest, there are a lot of information to swallow in one meeting.

My helpful hints are, I was not prepared for aftercare so it will be best to ask this with your doctor. However, Dr Rino and his team covered that with, for an outside fee, providing a private care nurse, which I needed. Shame on me!

Job well done!

EW, Face Lift, Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, Submental Liposuction, Fat Graft Lower Eye Lids and Nasolabial Area, Illinois, USA, April 2016

Good morning Dr. Rino,

Just to update you with how I look like since the splint was taken off. My flight was uneventful. Hubby was speechless when he picked me up but after few minutes in the car, he said hindi naman pala halata masyado, pero naging kamukha ko raw si Kristina Gonzales ayayayyy!!!!! Im so amaze of the transformation I gone through. My kids and husband are also very happy for me. I have that natural look, they said that I still look their mom but a better me. Thank you talaga Doc. You guide me so well. o,

Then I have successfully attended the party I told you, with a concealer under my eyes. I have given my speech as well, sabi ng mga guests bakit biglang umiba yong mukha ko. My auntie kept asking what did I do … hahaha.. she wanted to have I fat graft too. underneath my nose still have things that needed dressing. my tummy still swollen but overall I feel great.

Regards to the A team of yours, thank you so much….

L.A, Goretext Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty with Cartilage Graft, Alar Re-contouring, Alar Plasty, Fat Graft Lower Eye Lids and Nasolabial Area, Perth Australia, March 2016

I found Dr Lorenzo to be a very caring man, and during my email exchanges with him, prior to my meeting him in person, I gradually ‘warmed’ to him as a person. This experience made me very comfortable, and positive, about what he was
suggesting for my procedures. When I met Dr Lorenzo in person all of my positive feelings were totally substantiated. I was sure that I had made a good decision to ‘go’ with him.

Further, my wife who is very cautious with ‘new’ people, took to him immediately – a very rare event!

Dr Lorenzo questioned me, in the company of my wife, asking me many relevant
questions about how deeply I had thought about the proposed procedure. Apparently, he was making very sure that I was certain about what I was doing!!

I should say here, and I did not mention this to Dr Lorenzo, that I had visited another surgeon (an extremely well known cosmetic surgeon to the ‘Stars’)quite a while before. I aborted my contact with him as I never felt comfortable.
He did the opposite of Dr Lorenzo, and seemed far too indifferent to my feelings. He was more concerned about his personal schedule, and was hustling me to
accept his procedure immediately. I did not like that at all.

About my surgery, I can say that I was very happy at the outcome! In fact I am delighted about the outcome. The compliments about ‘my looks for my age’ are continuous! Many people will not believe my age when I tell them. Of course I never tell them that I have had surgery. I feel very good, and the procedure has boosted my positivity about being as happy as one can be while ageing!

Everything about the whole event was very controlled, and I never had one moments worry or concern during the actual operation. In fact, I have good memories while I was on the operating table as Dr Lorenzo and I exchanged amusing remarks about the procedure!

Post operation Dr Lorenzo organised for my immediate removal from the hospital to a local hotel, and installed a ‘live in’ ‘theatre’ nurse with me. She stayed with me constantly, and cared for me over a few days .

There were no complications or difficulties, and Dr Lorenzo made ‘house calls’ on me in the hotel. I can honestly say that I never had one moments concern during the whole time I was ‘under care’.

Best wishes

W.J Face Lift, Brow Lift, Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, Fat Graft Face, Victoria Australia, March 2016

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